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A+B  Epoxy Applications

Pool and Spa Boat and Marine RV and Auto Home

Pool and Spa

NPSI Member

tile and grout PVC and ABS Pipe sealing underground pipe fittings cracked pump housing skimmers pool decks concrete decks cracked timer and control boxes filter grids and screens broken control handles and knobs patching cracks in pool gunite concrete and plastered walls bottoms and steps broken pool tools cracked coping mounting hardware and ladders hand rails diving boards water fittings gaskets

Marine - Yacht and Boat

srapes dents chips holes leaks breaks on fiberglass, wood, metal and plastics broken fuel lines broken or cracked water lines and tanks bonds loose carpet fiberglass repair waste system repairs for tanks and lines emergency repair to engine fuel and water lines

RV and Auto

PVC and ABS and all types of metal water lines and tanks broken fixtures chipped grills handles furniture emergency repair engine fuel and coolant lines fittings fiberglass repair gaskets water fittings breaks on fiberglass wood all types of metal and plastics all types of plumbing furniture - wood, metal, fiberglass and plastic cracks and leaks in all types of plumbing fixtures - plastic and ceramic,- tubs, toilets, sinks, tiles, caulking emergency repairs for radiator and cracked engine blocks battery terminals and cases


furniture water lines - PVC, cast iron, ABS, all types of metal, sprinkling line repair and sealing underground connections and elbows dents, scrapes, nicks, chips brick, concrete, tile, ceramics, stone, glass, pottery, wood cracks and leaks in all types of plumbing fixtures - plastic and ceramic, - tubs, toilets, sinks, tiles, caulking broken fillings on appliances air conditioning and refrigeration coils attaching golf club shafts to golf club heads


leaking drum repair, water and air lines, HVAC coolant and refrigeration lines, plumbing fixtures

Sculpting, Taxidermy, Modeling and Carving

Doll, Ceramic and Porcelain Repair

Balancing Electrical Motor Windings

HVAC and Appliance

"When quality performance is a must........A+B

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